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Apr 12, 2018

Time for a new release!

"4 Faces" is an electronic, instrumental track inspired by the music of Four Tet

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Animal innocence

Dark and atmospheric track influenced by downtempo and trip hop. Cinematic, instrumental and mid-tempo beat. The visual quality is conveyed through lavish electronics underpinned by raw recorded samples. The track illustrates the primal sound of human life.

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An electronic track that evokes the image of supernova, the astronomical event of a star's final explosion. When this happens, the star shoots elements and debris into space. These elements travel on to form new stars, planets and everything else in the universe. To express this image musically, digitally modified recorded samples were used, such as Egyptian saz, harpsichord and cowbells. Slow beat, steady evolving flow, massive impacts. 

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The idea was to use recorded sounds of the African instrument ngoni, while changing the pitch and spectrum, to make it more interesting. A main source of inspiration was the music of Four Tet, which led to the title ‘4 Faces’. The track is a hybrid of acoustic and electronic beats, as well as heavily modified samples to achieve an interesting and dynamic sound colour.

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Ashes on the snow

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Inspired by the 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy this electronic track evokes a visual, soundtrack-like atmosphere. The track attempts to express the image of ashes which symbolise the circular flow of organic life. A wash of soft electronics under a vintage piano and the texture of the gubal instrument. Withdrawn. Introspective. 

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